Hi, my name is Sean Hutchinson. I am a son, a husband, a father of four, a musician, and a craftsman. 

I bring many years of experience to the shop of playing on stage, joining friends on the road, getting my hands dirty in all things pro audio, and working professionally as a guitar tech. I come from a lineage of great musicians and artists and have been fortunate enough to play music and work with my hands full time.

Here's a little bit of my story: I grew up in Carlsbad and after being a band geek for many years I started playing guitar. I soon began writing songs and playing on stage with many great local musicians and serving in my local church. When I wasn't on stage I was learning front of house sound and nerding out to new gear. That all led to many adventures on the road with some of my best friends as a roadie, guitar and stage tech, and all around motivational ginger.

My journey as a musician and guitar tech led me to one of the most reputable shops in So Cal in 2010. And after a prolific three years, and over 1,200 instruments on my bench, working on some the of the world's best instruments, it was time to for a transition. And there began Hutch & Sons. 

Hutch & Sons Guitar Repair exists to serve the unique and diverse community of musicians and artists in San Diego, providing a place for quality instrument repair. Musician to musician. Artisan to artisan.