Repair Shop Services

All instrument repair and guitar work is done with utmost care and quality.

Each individual repair is unique and is charged according to the time, care, labor and skill involved. 

To schedule an appointment you can send us a message at the 'contact' page. 

Standard Bench Fee

$35 - to diagnose, clean and restring, etc

General Set Up

$65 – Includes adjusting truss rod for proper relief in neck, adjust nut slots and saddle height, clean and condition fingerboard, re-string, set action and intonation ($20 surcharge for floating trem bridges, classicals and 12 string guitars.) 

Bone Nut & Saddle Fabrication

Bone Nut - $65 (may require additional set up) 

Compensated Bone Saddle - $65 (may require additional set up)

 *Bone is an upgrade in tone and clarity and is highly recommended on most instruments

Structural Repairs

Peghead Repair - $125+ (additional charge for finish repair)

Bridge Re-glue - $125+

Crack Repair/Brace Repair - $45+

Electronic Repairs/Pickup Installation

Acoustic Pickup Install - $85+ (we highly recommend the K&K Pure Mini or the LR Baggs Anthem or Lyric)

Electric Pickup Install - $50+ for one pickup, $75 for two, $95 for three

Electronics Component Install - $35+ (pots, switches, jacks, not included) 

Fret Work

Fret Level and Dress - $150 (set up included)

Re-fret - $300+ (set up included - may require new nut and/or saddle fab)